Cost of Driveway

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How much will a new concrete driveway cost?

If you are currently thinking about replacing your driveway the price is certainly a major concern. We receive many calls from customers who would like a price over the phone, which is understandable, since it may be difficult to find the time to be home for an estimate. When replacing a driveway, however, there are a number of factors that will affect the price. We can always give an approximate range over the phone but to get a firm exact price, we would need to visit the property so we can evaluate all the factors and quote you a price that you can be confident won’t change by the end of the job.

Here are some of the common factors that affect the price to install a new concrete driveway:

  • Size: Obviously, the larger the driveway the higher the price. However, the larger the driveway will mean the price per square foot will be less compared to a smaller driveway. The price per square ft. for a 400 square ft. a concrete driveway will be more than a 1,500 square ft. concrete driveway. Getting work done in conjunction with your neighbors is a great way to lower the price and save money.
  • Demolition Required: The type of driveway you currently have will play a role in the price. Disposal of concrete is cheap and many times free, that’s not always the case with asphalt. Also, if dirt will need to be removed, that will impact the price as well.
  • The condition of Base: If your current driveway lacks a solid base which means soil will need to be removed and gravel installed, that will be an added cost.
  • Type of Concrete Mix: There are variety of concrete mixes used in construction for different applications and performances. The durability and strength of the mix will affect the price.
  • Additional Options: Coloring, stamping, sealing and other enhancements will increase the price.

Since there are many factors to consider, a site visitation will be needed in order to give a fair and honest estimate. Give us a call or fill out the form above to receive a free, no pressure estimate.

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