Typical project timeline

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Since replacing a concrete driveway is not a common project for most homeowners, we would like to give you an idea of the typical timeline and process for an average size concrete driveway replacement project.

The Estimation (20 to 60 minutes)

After contacting us by phone or online, we will schedule a time and day that works best for you for us to come visit your property. During the estimate, we will spend time understanding your needs, assessing the area for any possible concerns and take accurate measurements. We will then create a detailed estimate and review it with you. Our goal during the estimate is to give you the proper information needed for you to make an informed decision. We do not use high-pressure sales tactics and never force you to make a decision that day.

Site Preparation (½ a day to a day)

Once the contract has been accepted and the permits have been obtained if needed, we can begin work. Our prep crew will arrive and get right to work removing your old driveway. The old concrete or asphalt gets loaded into dump trucks and hauled to nearby recycling plants, where it will get crushed and re-used. Once all the concrete or asphalt has been removed, we set forms around the perimeter and install a new gravel base. A solid base is as important as the concrete. The sub-base and new gravel base are compacted and any soft spots are addressed. After the base is compacted, steel wire mesh is cut and placed in position. After cleaning the site and making it safe, the prep crew is now complete and the inspection can now be scheduled.

Place & Finish Concrete (½ a day to a day)

Once the city inspector has given us their blessing, our finishing crew will arrive to install your new concrete driveway. A ready mix truck is backed into the driveway and the crew skillfully places and levels the concrete. Once all the concrete has been leveled (a.k.a. screeding) a tool called a bull float is passed over the wet concrete to further level the surface and push down the aggregates and lift up the paste.

After bull floating the area the control joints are cut, which are the lines you see in concrete. The control joints create a weaken plane in order to induce a uniform, less noticeable crack.

Once all the joints have been cut and the concrete has reached the correct stiffness, finishing can now begin.

The crew passes a hand float over the slab to further level it and seal the surface. Once floating is complete, a light broom is passed over the concrete to give it a rough surface for traction.

Finally, a curing compound is sprayed over the concrete to properly cure the concrete. The curing compound slows down the evaporation loss and keeps the moisture in the concrete while it cures. Correct curing improves strength, durability and looks. After cleaning the area, the crew is now complete.

Clean-up (1 hour)

Our cleanup crew will arrive and start by removing all forms. The soil is back-filled into the open cavities where the forms were.

The new concrete along with adjacent pavement is then washed. Your new concrete driveway is now complete. Well not exactly…All vehicles must stay off the new concrete driveway for at least seven days from when it was installed. Heavy loads before this time can crack the concrete.

Sealing your new concrete driveway is a good idea but you must wait 30 days before doing this. A penetrating sealer is recommended.


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