Warranty letter

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What to expect of your concrete


Yes, concrete does crack and we don’t like it either but it’s bound to happen, this is why we install control joints where concrete is most likely to crack if the concrete cracks in the control joint this is exactly what we hoped for. Typically, concrete cracks very soon after its poured often same day so we do everything to control cracking but there is no guarantee the concrete will not crack in other places, cracks the size of three-sixteenths of one inch or less in height difference or gap is normal according to the concrete industry, Maximus Concrete will replace entire concrete section cracked if crack is bigger than three-sixteenth of one inch.


A common misconception is the assumption that your driveway, porch or sidewalk(s) surface will last and hold up like your kitchen floor, unfortunately, this is not true, exterior concrete in Ohio particularly is subject to inclement weather, salt damage and heavy vehicle traffic. While concrete is a very durable product like anything else it is not without flaws, sometimes the top of the concrete may appear to be popping or flaking off if its minimum (a few here and there) is quite possible that a stone(s) close to the top popped out. This is nothing to worry about however if you are experiencing a lot of popping and flaking off the surface (more than 20%) you have a legitimate problem; Maximus Concrete will replace entire concrete section affected.


Another common misconception is color, it is not possible for us to match the exact color of your concrete sidewalk or to your driveway and sometimes even your driveway may not match exactly since most driveways need two or more loads of concrete this is especially true if concrete placements are made on different days. Most of color variation are minor and mostly will fade over time, but they can and do occur, it is a good thing to keep in mind that if you have one or two squares of driveway that are popped or pitted and we replace them it might be more noticeable the discoloration from the old concrete to the new concrete.


And it is possible that your neighbor`s concrete appears to have a different texture or finish on it this is very common and is a cause of concern, a different concrete contractor may not use the same equipment/tools that we Maximus Concrete use to finish out the concrete topping.

What we warrant


Industry’s standards before repair or replacement id 3/16” we warrant cracks larger than 3/16” three-sixteenth of one inch or greater is separation or height difference.


We will repair or replace the section(s) that fall into the category of what we warrant. (industry standard before repair or replacement is minimum of 20%) we will repair or replace if is a minimum of 20% or more of any given section of the concrete work we did is popped-pitted or if small pieces located on the edge happen to break off because your driveway approach is subject to salt overspray from the city/county plow truck, we do not warrant salt damage on anyway any concrete done by Maximus Concrete and we highly recommend our clients to not throwing salt on driveway in any case especially the first winter often concrete work was done, there are others materials on the market today that void concrete damage

Customer care and maintenance

We ask that no salt ever be used on your driveway or any other concrete work, but is crucial that you do not use salt for the first full year. We cannot emphasize this point enough, sand is very to use on your concrete surface, this is recommended for the first year. We often see popping on driveway(s) where clients parked their vehicle, on a sunny day during the winter months the salt on the vehicles(s) will drip off the vehicle and salt being highly corrosive will eat into the surface of the new concrete, salt overspray from the city/county plow trucks and also affect the concrete near the road, another highly corrosive material is fertilizer, so if you happen to spill or overspray fertilizer onto your driveway please wash it off immediately, with your help on these few items your greatly increase the life time of your concrete for many years to come!

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